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Location-580, -1894.4
Major ExportsCoal
Iron Ore
Copper Ore
Processed Metals

London is an English colony located in the Thames system. It was mankind's first foray into colonization outside of the Sol system. The main colony is built in a valley with the harbour on one side and New Windsor Castle on the other. A thriving shipyard is located along the valley wall from the harbour. The English Arsenal is also located here.


London was colonized in secret just prior to and during the early days of the Great War. England feared total defeat by French forces and ordered it's remaining fleet to evacuate a vast amount of it's population to the Thames system, originally settling on London, then resettling to the rest of the Thames system.

The colony was originally built in and around system of caves in the London Valley but since the end of the war has been greatly expanded. New Windsor Castle was constructed shortly after the end of the war, becoming one of the largest military fortresses in the galaxy.

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