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Colonies have 2 slots for random events that can be filled with cards from the list below. A colony can even have 2 of the same events, or 2 events that contradict each other, at the same time. Events can last anywhere from 1 to 15 in-game days, at which time they are replaced.


Production Cards

Harvest Moon
Agricultural output +25%
Agricultural output -25%
General Strike
All industrial output halted
Union Movement
Industry wages +50%

Trade Cards

Economic Crisis
Trade prices +15%
Trade Crisis
Trade prices -15%
Merchant Strike
Trading post unavailable

Population Cards

Quality of life +10%
Food consumption +25%
10% of population move up class
Social Decay
10% of population move down class

Miscellaneous Cards

Nothing Much (x4)
Tumbleweeds Increase
Heat Wave
Average temperature +10°
Cold Snap
Average temperature -10°
Food Stores Contaminated
Food stuffs -25%
Political Crisis
Governor dies
Moving On
Notable person leaves
Rat Plague
Quality of life -25%
Food consumption +50%
Collision In Harbour
No repair bonus while docked
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